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SliderMania Animals is perfect for all the animal and puzzle lovers out there. This app challenges you to solve puzzles by sliding the pieces in order to put together pictures of adorable little animals.

SliderMania Animals uses pictures of animals from around the world to create puzzles, placing the pieces randomly each time so you'll always be playing a completely unique game. How long will it take you to put the picture together? Pick any picture in SliderMania Animals and start the challenge. You can also choose whether you want to number the puzzle pieces or play blind in order to make the challenge more difficult. As soon as you move the first piece the timer starts ticking to record how long it takes you to solve the puzzle. You can also choose the number of squares you want the picture to be divided into.

Polish up your puzzle-solving skills while enjoying beautiful pictures of animals. Challenge yourself by solving puzzles without numbering the pieces and become a true SliderMania Animals master.

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Published 70 days ago
Tagsanimals, cats, Dogs, PuzzleScript


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